Rent Smart

Annual Subscriptions

Providing the tenancy education tools and support Educators and Organizations need to make a difference in their community.

We work with existing RentSmart Educators, like you, to expand your invaluable tenant education and skills through our subscription service that offers: tutorial resources, curriculum support, a course management system, up-to-date tenancy education, and more.

A Subscription will help you better support your clients to improve housing stability and impact eviction prevention in your community.

What’s included

You spoke and we listened.
Here are some highlighted subscription features we know Educators love.


Curriculum Support

One-on-one custom support for your course content or course delivery from your Provincial Coordinator.


Digital and ereader manuals are free to access and download. Participant printed manuals are available for purchase, with discount.

Video + Resource Library

Step-by-step resources to share education + deliver courses: PDF’s, videos, audios, downloadables, and trusted online resources are available to support you on your Educator journey.

Promotional Materials

Materials to help you share your course events and share tenant education information.


In-Course Activities

Course activities to enhance participant experience and increase understanding of tenant education.


Stats populated through online demographic and evaluation surveys completed by participants after each course.

Providing Education + Resources to support you and your clients 

Some numbers we’re proud of.




Courses Taught


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  • Resource Library
  • Purchase Hard Copy Course Manuals
  • Video Tutorial Library
  • Personal Support
  • Downloadable PDF Participant Certificates
  • Verify Graduates
  • National and Provincial Webinars
  • Course Records + Data
  • RentSmart Certificate (Online)
  • Companion Manual PDF
  • Email Newsletter Community
  • Flippable Digital Basics Manual
  • Flippable Digital Certificate Manual
  • RSE Training Discount
  • Organization Level Course Data and Statistics
  • Basics Participant Manual PDF
  • Certificate Participant Manual PDF
  • Wallet-size Laminated Certificates
  • Customizable + Comprehensive Course Data and Statistics
  • Be Part of New Initiatives
$150 Annually *3-Month FREE Trial for all new organizations that purchase 1 or more RSE seats*
  • BC
$600 Annually
  • 10% Discount
  • BC, AB, ON
  • 5% Discount
$1500 Annually
  • 15% Discount
  • BC, AB, ON
  • 10% Discount

Each subscription level purchase link requires an Educator login to the Subscription Dashboard.
If you need help, contact us.


“Our agency assists people experiencing housing insecurity, so being able to provide these workshops has been incredible. Providing clients with such valuable knowledge from Rent Smart has been immensely positive.”

– Community Partner + RentSmart Educator

Rent Smart Support Matters

Get the systems and support you need to better support your clients with a Rent Smart Subscription.

RentSmart Certificate Online
Course Management System + Resources
Course Support and Facilitation
Rent Smart Resources

The feedback shows the impact Educators make in communities across Canada.

Rent Smart Education can be found in all Provinces and Territories in Canada through a diverse network of Educators working in a variety of organizations such as: Housing Providers, Municipal Governments, Aboriginal Friendship Centers, Youth Service Organizations, Brain Injury Support Centers, High Schools, Post-Secondary Institutes, Immigrant/Refugee Societies, Corrections Canada, Community Justice and Social Service Organizations, Transition Houses, and many more.

Rent Smart Education and Support Society works together with community organizations and trained RentSmart Educators to increase housing stability and decrease homelessness through comprehensive tenant education.

  • CONFIDENCE resulting from rentsmart education – 88%

We are proud of the impact our tenant education has on individuals, families and communities across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you implement a subscription model?

Over the past few years, the RentSmart© Education program has experienced massive growth and expansion across Canada. Rent Smart began as a small charitable non-profit and has now become an established organization across four provinces in Canada with a total number of just over 1000 certified RentSmart Educators and about 200 new educators trained per year. This rapid growth has come with its challenges including increasing pressure on the small head office team as well as provincial coordinators to support the ever-growing number of Educators and Organizations. These challenges led to an understanding that the organizational structure needed to change to adapt to the growth while maintaining a high quality of services and materials.

What is the Subscription Dashboard?

The Subscription Dashboard is an online, easy-to-use resource for Educators and Organizations that provides access to everything you need to both share Rent Smart Education and to deliver a successful Rent Smart course with confidence.

This includes access to RentSmart© program materials such as: the RentSmart© curriculum, Educator “how-to” resources, marketing support materials, a record of your individual course details, stats, and generates course completion certificates for your participants, plus 1:1 support guidance by provincial coordinators, and more.

The materials and resources in our online subscription is growing, and it’s regularly updated by our Rent Smart team.

Is the annual subscription fee for the organization or educator?

The annual subscription is a fee per organization not based on the number of Educators within the organization. In other words, if you have an organization with four Educators or ten, the annual fee is the same for the organization.

How do I know when my subscription will expire?

Next time you are in your Educator or Organization Dashboard, have a look below your name and you will see the expiry date indicated for you. When your account is going to expire in 6 months or sooner, you will also see a countdown indicating the amount of time left. Additionally, your Organization will receive an email 6 months, 1 month and one week before the expiry date.

Educator Expiry Date RentSmart Subscription

What should I do to renew, upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Renewals, upgrades and downgrades can all be done from your Dashboard at any time. To do so go to your Educator or Organizational Dashboard and at the top, you will see a Manage Your Subscription section. From here you can renew/upgrade/downgrade your account. Once you have paid, please allow for 2 business days for the changes or renewal to be implemented. If your subscription has already expired, when you login to your Dashboard, you will be redirected to the Renewals page where you can then choose to renew/upgrade/downgrade your subscription. Please allow 2 business days for the renewal to be implemented.

Rent Smart Subscription Renewal or Upgrade

How do I pay?

Credit card payments are accepted through the Dashboard. For organizations that do not have access to a credit card, please message your provincial coordinator or contact us.

What will happen if my subscription expires?

If your subscription expires and you attempt to log in to your Dashboard, you will be taken to the Renewals page rather than your Dashboard. From here you can renew/upgrade/downgrade and pay. Again, please allow 2 business days for the renewal to be implemented.

What if I decide not to upgrade/renew or don’t have the money to upgrade/renew?

If you choose not to or are unable to renew your account, you will lose access to most features in your Educator and Organizational Dashboards. Until you renew, upgrade or downgrade your subscription you will only have access to the Manage Organizations Records section (past course records, Educator information and purchase information) of your Dashboard. You will not have access to the Resources menu (including powerpoints, course forms and virtual resources etc.) as well as lose the ability to order manuals and create new courses.

Renewals + Upgrades Page RentSmart - FAQ

I have a course scheduled to start in the next couple of weeks but my account has expired. What can I do?

If your account has expired you can still access the Manage Educator Records section of your Dashboard. With this you will have the ability to access past course records as well as complete any courses you currently have in progress. However, you will not be able to access the resource materials or start a new course until you renew, upgrade or downgrade your subscription. Don’t worry, your records will not be deleted, they will be archived.

Please email us and we can work with you to ensure you have what you need for your course. We do not want this process to deter you from running courses and will do everything we can to support you.

Organization Expired RentSmart Subscription

What are the costs for course participant manuals?

RentSmart Certificate Manuals

Printed Manuals: $25 each/per participant, plus applicable taxes
Price includes graduate certificate with name & unique ID for verification. Downloadable PDF certificates are included with all subscription levels. Printed wallet-sized certificates or replacements are included with the Preferred and Champions subscription levels.

Digital + Downloadable Manuals: These versions of RSC manuals are available for Preferred and Champions subscription levels.

RentSmart Basics Manuals

Printed Manuals: $10 each/per participant, plus applicable taxes

Digital + Downloadable Manuals: This online digital version of the RSB manuals are free to access and download for all subscription levels.

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