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RentSmart Certificate

Tenant Education Courses

This course uses a lifeskills approach that gives participants the confidence and know-how to achieve and maintain a successful tenancy. Once completed, participants will receive a certificate that is recognized by many housing providers and tells landlords that you are a knowledgeable and skilled tenant.


*all courses are a blend of online self-paced & live virtual meetings, until
further notice.

Seats are limited.

It’s a fun and interactive way to learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. You’ll learn: budgeting, communicating effectively with your landlord and neighbours, and tips on how to take care of your home.

“This course covers many aspects of renting that most people would not consider

– until they have to face them head on. It offers insights that could greatly benefit people new to the province or first-time renters, providing them with the tools to navigate the rental market with confidence.”

-RentSmart Certificate Graduate



Rent Smart Foundations

For Professionals who work in supportive roles with tenants

This is an interactive live course for service and housing providers who work with vulnerable individuals, to build their skills and knowledge of tenant rights and responsibilities, to improve housing stability in your communities.

These courses are filling up quickly – register now!

*All courses are online until further notice

Rent Smart Foundations

This new course has been specifically designed for those who work in supportive roles with tenants to better understand and navigate residential tenancy matters. It’s based on the success of our RTA pilot project in 2020-21.

Our focus is to increase the knowledge, confidence, and skills of participants through practical and participatory tenancy curriculum.

Topics include: Privacy and Human Rights legislation, Legal/illegal fees, Tenancy agreements, Affordability, Roommates, Maintenance responsibilities, Evictions, Rent increases, Dispute resolution, and more!


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Victoria, BC V8T 5G4